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The new mattress you bought for your kids’ bedroom has become soiled and wet due to the bedwetting habits of your child. And you do not know what to do! There is no way you should get stressed or upset even though it is understandablethat you obviously willdefinitely feelsome amount of worry and alarm. It is isn’t anything major and can be handled in the best way possible if done properly. The stains left by urine accidents and the accompanying smells are not a very problematic thingif you are acquainted with a few accurate tricks to do away with the stains and smells from a mattress. All it takes to get those unpleasant stains and smells out of your mattresses are a few easy steps and some articles that are already in the house.

Also, the more time you waste not taking action to remove theurine and let it sit on the mattress, the more challenging it would get for you or anyone else to do away with them. Mattress Steam Cleaning and mattress sanitizing service Brisbane are the most useful professional treatments that would also remove the stubborn urine stains from your mattresseffortlessly. These companies also provide effective mattress cleaning services in Brisbane for the mattresses that require professional attention.

How to get urine out of a mattress?

1. Remove the sheets and linen from the bed and put them in the washing machine for cleaning and washing.

2. With a dry towel try to blot the stain spot in repeated motions to remove the moisture content from the mattress. Avoid wiping with the towel, or you will increase the chances of the urine going deeper into the mattress, and also causing it toleave a stain on the mattress permanently as well.

3. Once the mattress surface is fully dry, take vinegar and warm water in equal quantities. Also add few drops of essential oils of your choice for fragrance and spray it onto the stained area for a few minutes. The essential oils would help masking the smell of vinegar.If you do not have vinegar then you can also go withsome tsps of powdered laundry detergent and water.

4. Blot up the sprayed solution from the mattress with a cloth to remove moisture completely. Repeat these steps if the stainedareais big or smelly.

5. Sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress on places the urine reached. Do not miss the edges of the stain.

6. Let the baking soda remain on the mattress surface overnight or for 10-12 hours.

7. Vacuum clean the mattress once the baking soda has remained for sufficient time on your mattress. Baking soda will help neutralize the smells and stains almost immediately. These steps are effective inremoving urine stains and subsequent smells of your mattress in a helpful manner.

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