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What could be more relaxing than crawling into bed after a tiresome day? You’ve been anticipating it ever since you left it fifteen hours earlier, so it’s finally here. But in case you haven’t noticed, sleeping can occasionally be a hassle. You turn and toss, you perspire, and occasionally you spill coffee on your bed sheets. Unknowingly, you exfoliate your skin (mmm, dust mite food), causing stains on your bedding. Hiring professional mattress stain removal Brisbane technicians can be a solution to resolve this!

Yes, you frequently wash your pillowcases and sheets. Each morning, you even make your bed in a lovely manner, adding far too many pillow shams and a decorative throw blanket. How inviting does that bed look, when was the last time you cleaned the mattress or hired professional mattress cleaning Brisbane services? You’ve ever?

Well, you should either employ a professional mattress cleaning service or clean them yourself. If you want to hire the best mattress cleaning services, then get in touch with our mattress cleaning experts. However, if you want to clean it yourself, then this primer guide will help you get the best outcomes.

How to clean your mattress in 7 easy steps (approved by mattress cleaning professionals)


  • Vacuum with an upholstery attachment
  • Enzyme cleaner or mild dish soap (to spot treat stains)
  • Cold water + Hydrogen peroxide (optional substitute for enzyme cleaner)
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge or microfiber rag

Step 1 – Make the bed and do the laundry.

  • Remove any comforters, duvets, sheets, pillowcases, or mattress covers, and thoroughly wash them in hot water (which helps kill dust mites and bacteria).
  • Turn the pillows over.

Step 2 – Utilize an upholstery attachment hose to vacuum the mattress.

  • Make sure to cover the entire mattress, including the sides and surfaces.
  • Get into the seams, zippers, and crevices as well.

Step 3 – Spot clean spills.

  • Keep in mind that soaking the mattress in water may encourage the growth of mildew or bacteria.

Note: Avoid spraying cleaning agents directly on the mattress. Mattress cleaning professionals recommend utilizing the solution on your sponge or rag before using it to clean the mattress.

  • Blot the stain until it disappears using your microfiber rag or sponge and cleaning solution.
  • Use of enzymes (for biological stains), dish soap (such as Dawn) and warm water (for regular stains)
  • You can even use a home-made mixture of hydrogen peroxide and cold water in equal parts (as a substitute for enzyme cleaner)
  • If using an enzyme cleaner, mattress cleaning Brisbane technicians suggest abiding by the instructions on the bottle. The stain can then be removed by blotting the area clean with cold water. Urine, blood, vomit, and sweat stains often set faster and smell worse in warm water.
  • If you use soapy water, be sure to wipe the mattress clean after the stain has lifted with plain water to get rid of any soapy residue left behind.

Step 4 – Sprinkle Baking Soda

  • To eliminate odours and absorb any remaining moisture, liberally sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress.
  • Vacuum up the baking soda after allowing it to sit on the mattress for two to three hours (or overnight, if you have somewhere else to stay!).

Step 5 – Repeat the cleaning process on the other side of your mattress.

  • Even though you only use one side of the mattress, the bottom of it might be very dust and bacterial-filled.

Step 6 – Dry the mattress 

  • Before replacing the sheets, let your mattress completely dry out in the air.
  • If you want to protect your mattress, think about using a mattress protector.

Step 7 – Reinstall fresh sheets on the bed, fluff the pillows, and enjoy your spotless, clean bed. You merit it.

Hire Mattress Cleaning Experts

If you are unable to remove the stain using our easy-to-follow guide, then contact an expert for professional mattress cleaning Brisbane services. They have the necessary tools and knowledge to remove stubborn stains from your mattress.

For reliable and affordable mattress stain removal Brisbane services, contact experts at Crown Mattress Cleaning Brisbane.

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